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ELearn Courses Question

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Sorry if this is the wrong board to post this, but there didn't seem to be a questions-only board.

I am looking to buy the PTS course during the current sale, however, I don't want to start studying for it just yet. I'd start only in a couple months time.

I'm aware that there are time limitations for the course and exams, so my question is: if I purchase the course now, will my lab time start straight away or can I just start the course in a couple months with no problems?

EDIT: I assume the eJPT Regular Certification Voucher has some expiry time, anyone know how long that is?

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There are two different packets

Full and Elite

The only big difference is the exam voucher. Full you have to take the exam in 6 months. For Elite you have unlimited time.

The course itself has unlimited access, Full has 60 hours and elite 120 hours lab time.

Usually, you do not need the 60 hours, except you are a beginner in IT.

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Hi @correiarui

Up to my understanding, the expiration counter starts once you start the course not the time of purchase. Let me check that and get back to you.

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