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part 2 C++

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i got part 1 of c++ menu too work


all i need to do now is programme for the console

too like loop....so i can handle the menu more then 1 time....

meaning dont have to replay it to get a new answer out of console....


how would i go about programming a  loop like that....(sequantly get more info from my menu with restarting it)?


heres my code what would you add too it


// Example program for resume
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int main ()
  int user_value;
  cout <<" 1 - Myage\n 2 - Myname\n";
  cout << "Insert your number,to get to know me";
  cin >> user_value;
  cin.ignore ();
  string string_x;{
  string_x = "Forty-Five";
  string string_y;
  string_y = "Patrick";
  switch (user_value)
      case 1:
        cout << "Forty-Five";
      case 2 :
        cout << "Patrick";
        cout << "Wrong Output";
  return 0;

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