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Digital Forensics Professional - Module 7 Correction

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DFP has been a great course so far. All the defense-related courses like THP and IHRP are great and full of useful information. There are what appear to be typos and discrepancies as well though. In module 7 there are a few grammatical errors, but I think there are some factual inconsistencies in the information presented too. 

Specifically, slide 161 states the following "the certificate authorities public key is embedded in most known browsers and are frequently updated using special protocols such as OSCP [sic]". Would it be correct to assume that the author meant "OCSP" - online certificate status protocol? 

On slide 145, the author states "to provide confidentiality the sender has to request the recipient's public key, use it to encrypt the data and send it to the receiver which, in turn, uses its public key to decrypt that data." Should it not instead state that the sender encrypts the data with the public key of the recipient and the recipient uses their private key to decrypt the data?

None of this is earth-shattering, however for those that are learning it can be misleading and lead to future flaws in their thinking.

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