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BeEF 4.3 and Metasploit 4 integration on BT5R2

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This how to integrate BeEF with metasploit configuration setup on BT5 R2.

Step 1: install BeEF bundles ( from BT start menu) this will install all gem requirements as well

Step 2: Edit /pentest/web/beef/config.yaml to enable metasploit , make sure it looks the same as shown .


Step 3: Edit /pentest/web/beef/extensions/metasploit/config.yaml Note: IP addess has to match in all configuration files regardlessif you going to use eth0 IP OR


Step 4: Edit the msgrpc plugin in the msf3 folder to reflect your IP address instead of (if you are NOT going to use


Step 5: create a file in the msf folder called BeEF.rc and add this line to it : load msgrpc ServerHost=your IP Pass=abc123 ServerType=Web , save the file.

Step 6: now start msfconsole with BeEF.rc ---> msfconsole -r BeEF.rc

Step 7: start beef from the start menu , if all configuration ok , you should see beef successfully connected to metasploit and loaded exploits.


if you see APi fire not authenticated , check and make sure you used the same IP address in all configuration files .

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Great :) Thank you!

anytime :)

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