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eJPT Certification and WAPT Endeavor

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I haven't visited these here forums very much but just now realising what I'm missing!  Great stuff here, and congratulations to all accomplishments and endeavors!

I took the eJPT exam and failed the first time around, missed it by a couple questions, I think?  This was back in March/April.  But I did a retake and destroyed it IMO.  It was a good intro to pen testing for me, since I have almost no experience with the subject.  I did find myself wanting to learn more, even after I complained that the material needed updates, which of course the new version was released as soon as I completed mine.  Anyway, I did discover that I want to learn more about pen testing, so I enrolled in the Web App Pen Test course.  So far it's been very informative, and I've learned lots for only being about 70% complete. I am def on my way to understanding pen testing in a better light.  

Other certs I hold are Sec+, a Linux cert, and a completion of a Python, and SQL course which have been very helpful for understanding pen testing.

I wish everyone here success, and that all may go your way career wise.  Keep up the hard work, and don't give up!

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