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Yaaaay. .I PASSED

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Well. .well. .well. .Y'all don't know how happy I am. .I registered for this course April last year. .but I wasn't able to conclude the course cause I was in my final years in the University and I had projects to tackle with.

But towards the end of last year, I made it a MUST to go through ALL the threads on the eCPPT board. .this includes all the replies too. .read lots of informative posts. .

There was this particular one Armando mentioned and it really helped. .Do NOT follow a particular pattern when reporting but the one that suits you making sure you do not just report "loads of vulnerabilities that exist on the system" but also cite its business impact, relevance, and severity.

Also he mentioned that a thorough technical assessment is only 50% of the total mark. .as the report is the main thing being looked at!

Another tip for those that are yet to write it, make sure you download the .iso image as early as possible and also like I did, try to do a mock pentest report of foophones so you can get yourself acquainted to the process and also review the report yourself before eventually coming up with the final report for submission.

Sorry about the "scrambled words" but mhen. .I'm soooooooo excited. . .oh. .and I also believe I'm the 1st Nigerian to have this cert :D. .

Future Plans: I'm looking at going for the coliseum (yeah I was one of the beta testers and I really enjoyed it) and prolly OSCP too. .

Thanks Armando and to all other members of this great community. . .I really learnt sooooooo much. .

- Rotimi AkinyeleeCPPT

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Well done

Wow, I'm getting energytic on seeing another passed thread....It boosts my confidence.... thanks for tips, congrats & Goodluck mate.

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Hi Rotimi,

Good job!

Congrats also from my side!!

Also good luck with OSCP !!

And of course much fun with Colliseum !

(I will probably start my 2 month session in April, too ... just wanted to work through the material first..)

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