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eCIR Certified!

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It felt so good to get that email! This was a tough exam and very realistic. Only thing missing was my boss calling for hourly updates. Responding to an actual breach would have to be similar to this. I 'Took the call' about 7pm on Saturday and worked on it until 4am. Slept for 4 hours and started again at 8am and went until about 1am. So much like it would be in an actual situation. Admit it! We are not 9-5 people. Any time any hour and we may have to do what we do.

The exam was fun, challenging, frustrating and rewarding! I do not know if there are others, but I imagine not too many eCIR cert holders yet as this is their newest course. Makes me want to get others from them. Have to wait a little bit. This is my 42nd certification and I am already scheduled for the exam for number 43 (GIAC GCIH).

Been following eLearn since the days they launched and I have been waiting a long time to get one of their certs and it was worth it!Thank you, Dimitrios!

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Congrats Solinus. Just passed also today. As you said, it was fun and frustrating. Many times I wish I had more logs to get the full picture..  

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