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eMAPT certified!

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The exam was much more challenging than I imagine to be. Although there is are no reporting component whichs mimic the real life situation, we are required to produce a POC that can work on both applications, that makes it even harder than the reporting component because we have to program and display the output in a presentable format as compared to reporting so that the examiner can understand.
After being able to fulfill most of the raw component. I keep guessing and make double guess if I miss out any critical vulnerabilities covered. I spent additional hours to work on a few of the vulnerabilties that turns out to be a rabbit hole. After submission, I still keep thinking if it is really a rabbit hole. After spending a day without being able to exploit the rabbit hole I went ahead with the submission.
Keeps finger cross.
After xth number of days, I am happy to learn that I am eMAPT certified and one of the rare fews in the world to hold this prestigious certificated.

Advise to follow eMAPT to be:
1) Always check and double check your work for any error before submission.
2) READ the exam instructions carefully to ensure you do not miss out any requirement
3) Brush up your programming knowledge 
4) Check if your device is working before attempting the  exam

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