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The Evaluation – 4 Phases to Finding "Better" Solutions

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So you've convinced management to take security seriously. There's even a budget. Bad news is that you're now on the hook for choosing the right tools & services. Oh $#!t! Rafal Los AKA wh1t3rabbit is here to help in this 1st of a 5-part series: The Evaluation – 4 Phases to Finding "Better" Solutions


EH-Net - Los - The Evaluation - Top Gun PicWhether you’ve spent your career in cyber security on the vendor/provider side or the enterprise side of the table, you’ve no doubt participated in the circus that is the ‘evaluation’. Whether you’re the buyer trying to make a smart purchase, or the seller trying to make a smart sale, the evaluation is a fact of life.

That said, evaluations are one of the most difficult parts of the role. I often refer to the process using a term borrowed from Ben Kepes, a “goat rodeo”. Evaluations come in four stages from my experience. Stage 1 is the definition of the problem to be solved. Stage 2 is defining the criteria. Stage 3 is executing testing. Stage 4 is determining the outcome. I’ll give a brief overview of each stage here and set up for a five-part series starting with this article that will detail the challenges and strategies for overcoming them.

Found yourself in this situation? Have any wisdom to share? Need help? Leave your thoughts in the Comments Section at the bottom of this article on EH-Net.


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