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From Dev to InfoSec Part 1 – The Journey Begins

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A developer from Microsoft has caught the infosec bug. Not only for the career aspects of a growing industry, but also because it's just plain awesome! This first article in a new column on EH-Net by Rey Bango chronicles his journey with lots of honest feedback and resources he finds helpful. Check out "From Dev to InfoSec Part 1 – The Journey Begins".


EH-Net - Bango - From Dev to InfoSec Part 1 – The Journey Begins - Hobbit DoorHacking is awesome! I can understand the appeal of those that are doing it for a living. The hunt for bugs and the fight to secure systems from bad guys sounds like an incredible challenge of both intellect and skill. It’s probably why I’ve been drawn into the world of cybersecurity. It’s an exciting field to be in for a professional or a hobbyist and one that I’m keen to explore more.

This is the first of many articles that will document my journey from my roots as a coder and a career as a developer advocate at Microsoft to the very personal exploration into the world of information security. The intention is to not only make sense of the overwhelming scope of the field and its varying disciplines but also offer brutally honest assessments of myself and the industry that I so much want to be a part of. Here goes everything!

Add thoughts, reactions and your own helpful resources & experiences in the Comments Section of this article on EH-Net.


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