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Video: Bug Hunting as a Second Income

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Check out this highly popular webinar from our EH-Net Live! series, "Video: Bug Hunting as a Second Income".


Video: Bug Hunting as a Second IncomeVideo and Slide Deck from EH-Net Live! July 2018

When most think of selling bugs, they have visions of the underground hacking scene populated by nefarious characters using their 0-days for illegal activity. But what if you could get in on the bug hunting action without the worry of law enforcement? You can now!

Companies not only use 3rd party software that has bugs, but more and more they also have their own proprietary or custom code that most certainly has bugs. The new-school world of “bug bounty” has incentivized a whole new hacking scene, where companies can take advantage of white hat hackers to find these bugs for fame and nominal rewards. Companies are starting to learn it’s much cheaper to find them from internet-do-gooders than from a massive breach and before they have to pay crypto-currency to criminals.

It’s a seller’s market out there! In 2017, the CVE saw an increase of more than 128% from 2016. For 2018, the upward trend is already continuing. How do you get in on the action? Jason Haddix, VP at Bugcrowd, will give you the insider’s view of how it’s done.

Is this something that interests you? Are you doing this already? What did you think of the webinar? Any questions?

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