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Cybersecurity Career Path – A Fresh Perspective

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MacKenzie Brown has another article for her column. This time she shares her thoughts on a new approach to advancing your InfoSec career in "Cybersecurity Career Path – A Fresh Perspective".


Cybersecurity Career Path – A Fresh PerspectiveMy expertise is not necessarily laden in the land of career counseling, hiring standards, and education recommendations. However, anecdotally, coming into a cybersecurity career in an unorthodox manner and blossoming through passion and perseverance, this is the best advice I can offer.

First and foremost, we are past the days of the common refrain that “cybersecurity is not an IT problem, it is a business problem.” Instead we must understand that cybersecurity is a societal problem. And it is only once you immerse yourself in this dark world that you begin to see the binary light. You start to understand this when you evaluate the culture around your own experience as an information security professional.

I made a "merit badge" suggestion in the Comments Section of this article on EH-NetWhat do you think? Is she missing any badges? What are your career goals? Is CISO at the top of your list?


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