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In a slight break from our normal content, regular EH-Net Columnist, Adrian Sanabria, does a little reporting and interviewing. As the saying goes, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." You won't regret reading "The L0pht Legacy".


The L0pht Legacy20 Years Ago, Some Hackers Visited Congress…

May 19th, 1998. I was just wrapping up my first year of college. My grades were terrible. Instead of going to classes, I had been huddled in my tiny dorm room with the computer my parents bought me. I grew up with a computer in the house from an early age, but having my own computer was different. I was interested in every aspect of it, learning everything I could and enjoying hard-wired access to the then very young Internet.

L0pht Heavy Industries was way ahead of me. At the time, L0pht was a 6-year-old hacker think tank based out of Cambridge, MA. On the morning of May 19th, 1998, seven members of the L0pht were in the nation’s capital, donning suits and preparing to testify before a United States Senate Committee. They hadn’t flown to D.C. in first class or even economy. Instead, they rented a van, piled in, and drove down. L0pht wasn’t just ahead of me — they were ahead of an entire industry.

Add thoughts, reactions and your own predictions for the future in the Comments Section of this article on EH-Net.


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Their testimony before congress was pretty awesome!



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At just under 1 hour, it's definitely worth the time.

In addition to embedding this very video in the article, we also get new quotes from the actual participants and analysis on how we're doing as an industry.

How do you think we're doing as an industry on these things they warned us about 20 years ago? Leave feedback in the Comments Section of the article on EH-Net.

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