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Poisonous Pi – The Execution of a Raspberry Pi Hacking Workshop

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MacKenzie Brown, another regular columnist on EH-Net, shares her experiences in putting together workshops that mix pentesting, IoT and Mr. Robot. What's not to like about "Poisonous Pi – The Execution of a Raspberry Pi Hacking Workshop"?


Poisonous Pi – The Execution of a Raspberry Pi Hacking Workshop43 years ago, a small team led by Chuck Peddle changed the way society computes today. In 1975, encased in plastic, this 40-pin DIP 8-bit microprocessor, known as the MOS Technology 6502, made its debut. Why should you care? Not only was this the cheapest microprocessor on the shelf, but I believe, without this OG beauty queen of tech, our technology landscape and cultural impact would be an exponentially different landscape. Granted, I would have preferred a future with less dog-feature-filtered selfies, but alas we are living in a pretty impressive time. This revolutionary home computing age ran its course creating everything from the Apple II, the Commodore family, and the soon to be addictive personal game consoles. Point being: you can’t appreciate one innovation, without understanding the heritage behind it. This 8-bit processor lineage soon led to the mighty mouse of projects, the Raspberry Pi. And as we tend to do with everything, that led eventually to some fun Raspberry Pi Hacking!

Are you a maker with experience with playing with Raspberry Pis? Have you included them as part of your bag o' tricks?

Share your experiments and thoughts in the Comments Section of this article on EH-Net.


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