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The Modern Day Hacker – A Cautionary Tale

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A little creative recon, a clipboard and some social skills can go a loooooong way.

Enjoy this blended style article with a true-to-life narrative along with a detailed tutorial on how the attack was done in "The Modern Day Hacker – A Cautionary Tale" by EH-Net Columnists, Erich Kron of KnowBe4.


The Modern Day Hacker – A Cautionary TaleJ0hn_D0ugh$ – So there I was once again enjoying my victory. I wasn’t technically done yet, however all of the hard stuff had already been done. I’m not a hacker just for the money. I’ve made enough of that already. Such is the life for a modern day hacker. It’s really more about the challenge. Sadly however, many of these organizations aren’t that much of a challenge, but it’s still fun. I will say it’s getting a little bit tougher as organizations understand what they’re facing, but the fact remains it’s almost always easy to get to this point.

And thus begins our narrative of how a criminal uses multiple hacking techniques to get the gold. From motive and hubris to social engineering mixed with physical security breaches to hardware and network hacking… a successful attack smoothly blends all aspects into a seamless set of fluid decisions. This article will not only share with you the mindset of the hacker and modern tools and techniques, but also address how to handle them in your organization. Now let’s humor J0hn_D0ugh$ and allow him to continue his story.

Have you seen this type of attack live? Have you done one of these attacks as a red teamer?

Share your thoughts in the Comments Section of this article on EH-Net.


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