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Quick Dive into Containers, Kubernetes and Security

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Haydn Johnson takes you on a beginner's tour of containers and the security implications of implementing them in your organization in "Quick Dive into Containers, Kubernetes and Security".


Quick Dive into Containers, Kubernetes and SecurityNeeding to get quickly up to speed with containers, Kubernetes and security for work but have been putting it off for a while? Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow? You’re not alone. Being a security manager, my day-to-day responsibilities sometimes take me away from the need to plan for the future as well as keep up my technical chops. So documenting my quick dive into containers and their application in security kills two birds.

As with any educational pursuit, creating a solid foundation from which to build is the key.  That meant understanding what containers are, why they are needed, the security benefits and some key definitions. So let’s begin.

Let us know what you think in the comments section at the bottom of the article. Feel free to also share your own stories of working with containers or links to resources that helped you.


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