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Welcome to the EH-Net Relaunch

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Hey All,

As most of you know, eLS acquired EH-Net late last year (See The Ethical Hacker Network Rises from the Ashes). We've been live now for a few months, and, as they say, we now have our sea legs under us. With that, the new content is starting to flow. I will add a link to all of our articles right here in the eLS forums which will include tutorials, videos, book reviews and more. Let us know what you think of each one by adding comments to the bottom of each article on EH-Net.

First up is the article that explains where we were and what we hope to accomplish with the New EH-Net:


Welcome to the EH-Net RelaunchWelcome to the EH-Net Relaunch

The Ethical Hacker Network was always designed as an online magazine combined with community forums. Although a magazine without a print edition was considered lunacy over a decade ago, so was the idea of a community dedicated to advancing hacking as a legitimate career. You couldn’t even say ‘hacking’ in professional circles and be taken seriously. Now both are accepted norms. But even our crazy ideas get old, and we need to get with the times. And that’s exactly what we’ve done. It is with great excitement that I can humbly say, “Welcome to the EH-Net Relaunch!” Let me give you a tour of the place.

Looking forward to your thoughts,

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