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Surprise Award

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Hi all,


Really hope you don't mind this post.


They say there are few real surprises in life these days, but when they do come along they can certainly make you lift your head up and evaluate life and life's future direction.

I say this as I recently experienced just this sort of surprise when out-of-the-blue I was recently awarded a national award through AusCERT, and received a generous prize from SANS for doing so, as reported briefly in this article:



Some have asked me how I got the award, or how did you get it, and to me my answer seems overly simple and maybe people expect more of an answer from me.  For me, its my perception that I just had my head down working hard for my organisation and collaborated regularly with the AusCERT operations team associated with a malware information sharing program I was passionate about, in supplying or contributing to current threat intelligence for the benefit of the AusCERT Member network, recognising skills, abilities and hard work of the operations team.  To me, the confusing part about the award is my belief that everyone works this way, so this leaves me feeling extremely honoured and privileged in the true sense of these words. 


Not letting it get to my head beyond adding to my LinkedIn, or posting here in the els forums, all with the hope that fellow els students/cyber pros get to see that good surprises can come your way by just working hard, being nice, and having passion for what you do.


My next steps are cracking on with business as usual (family & work), completing on-going professional study (THP, PTP, WAPT) as you've gotta keep learning, and oh making sense of the SANS prize by being a kid in a candy store trying to choose from their range of courses.  This feels tricky as I'm always keen to find balance in all things, including seeking balance to my existing cert portfolio.


If anyone is keen to connect on LinkedIn please do reach out.

Best regards,



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Congrats on your award chambo, the
most deserving people never expect
Things like this, it's great to see :)

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Congratz @Chambo!


I know this an old thread....just curious on the malware platform (missp) you been using - do you create your own honeypots or you join something like Honeynet project?



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