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Today (22 MAY 2018) I attended a conference call with the creators and instructors of eLearnSecurity. The instructional and informational portion of the hour long call was highly informative to prospecting and current students. At the end, the announcement was made on the new upgrade to PTP v5. Not only is this newer version more relevant to the cyber security environment, the administrators at eLS have added what no other vendor in the market has, the ability to purchase a life time access with unlimited lab time. If you are new to the world of cyber vendors and IT certifications, this is unheard of. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a NEW standard! A wonderful standard that I do not think anyone else will be able to meet. I have attended several different vendor courses over the years in digital forensics, cyber security, and pen testing and I've never seen anything like this. Today, eLS has set itself apart from all other training platforms by making this move. As a recent student who just signed up prior to the launch - the administrators, who apparently really care about their students, gave me the upgrade as well. Unlike any vendor I have signed up with never did any such thing as what just occurred to me.

The ability of eLS to deliver detailed content, relevant training that is current with known tactics, techniques, and procedures of what is being dealt with in the cyber security arena is unmatched by all others. At this point, I've sent a handful of new student's to eLS and signed up with them as well in APRIL 2018. Knowing what they offer, I knew going into it I was going to walk away with skills I could share to others wanting to go into this very "hot market" of professionals. Today, eLS has made history and I was part of that, as we all were. The whole thing is unbelievable. I just checked my account as I was going in to write this up and saw my upgrade. 

The idea that eLS wants the best training and impart the most gainful knowledge to their students is overwhelming. Their courses are packed with details and if I had to do it all over again, there are several vendors I would have skipped and went directly to eLS. If you made it here or are on the fence about joining eLS and taking a course - trust me - sign up and start learning in the most efficient way possible and take your exams to get your certification. You'll be the better for it. eLS has just earned a major achievement !!!

Congratulations to eLearnSecurity for making history today and setting new standards for the training of IT security personnel. 

Joe White, eLS PTP student



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Thank you Joe, it's good to hear such comments, makes it all worth it for us :wub:

Enjoy the PTPv5 course and good luck with the exam later...

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