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Open Badges for eLearnSecurity courses and relative certification

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Hi at all,

I think that is very interesting this idea to create and share an Open Badge for any courses or certification completed. So I share these sites that I know :

Betsr: https://bestr.it/?ln=it

Acclaim: https://www.youracclaim.com/


For Italy, I think that is useful the first. It can be u for certification of italian course of eLearnSecurity.

For Europe and the world, the second can be useful, for all courses in English of eLearnSecurity.


I suggest for now eJPT certification in the Acclaim site, so I think that contact your company.


I don't know if there are more sites for that can use open badge, if there are, share on this post!



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- Bump -
This might be a valuable addition, chipping in on @Paolo's suggestion here.

The Badgr platform would be something to look into, they allow you to setup a pathway and issue Open Badges. This in turn would allow ELS certifications to function as input for other pathways. See as an example how the CRTO certification is setup, where OSCP can function as input to the 'external path' course. https://eu.badgr.com/public/pathway/5e84547c7aa1db408520004a

@Armando, this might be worth re-evaluating at this point. As it will not only benefit us as learners to show off our shiny badges, but it will also aid in overall greater acceptance and recognition of ELS. You can for example transform your learning paths into Open Badge pathways, making it easier to compare and show what skills area gained.

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Hi Team,


Is this still being considered? Thank you,



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