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My article, Penetration Testing Linux server with brute forcing tool.

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This article will show you how to use Metasploit for penetration testing with brute forcing module or another technique of Metasploit and how to post exploitation without TTY. This article has written by myself and sorry about my bad English. Please download pdf to view.


[Attacker Machine]

OS: Backtrack 5 GNOME 64bit Version.

Metasploit Version: 3.8.0-dev r13091

Sucrack Version: 1.2.3

IP Address:

[First Victim]

OS: Ubuntu 10.10

IP Address:

Internal IP Address:

[second Victim(Internal Network)]

OS: Windows XP SP2

Internal IP Address:


We don’t have any information about the network and deeply information of the first and second victim. We have only IP Address of first and second victims. But our goal’s to get the shell in second victim.

My target is the second victim that it was in internal network. So the first thing we must do is own the first victim and change it’s to my gateway for connecting to internal network. And finally, own the second victim.

Download Link: http://www.wupload.com/file/43221143/penetration_testing_linux_with_brute_forcing_tool.pdf

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