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Guest Domenico

Info about products transfer

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Guest Domenico

Use this procedure to transfer your products and the stuff related (course material, labs, exams, forums, etc) from your current caendraID to a new one.


1) If you don't have your new CaendraID, please create it by registering here: https://www.elearnsecurity.com/register , then complete the verification process.

2) Once you have verified your new CaendraID, send an email to support@elearnsecurity.com with subject "eLearnSecurity products transfer" and provide:

       - the email address related to your current CaendraID
       - the email address related to the CaendraID where you want to transfer all your products.

Once verified your request, the support team will complete the transfer and you'll be able to access all the courses material with your new CaendraID. 

The dev team is currently working to make transparent this process. We'll keep you updated on the progress.

Thanks for your patience.

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