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Passed as well :)

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Full score of 20/20. :)


It took me a about 8 full hours yesterday, and some extra hours today to try out some other things and for double checking.


Here's some feedback:


What I particularly liked:

  • learn at your own pace
  • labs can be paused
  • you can dig as deep as you want in the theory. The references (books, links) are very relevant and interesting.
  • the slide format (versus book or document)
  • downloadable slides and videos
  • availability of the eLS admins in the forums
  • exercising in the lab
  • the content
  • the fact that content touches a bit of everything, giving you a taste of what is available in the security field (I think)
  • the exam :)

Also, I have some minor remarks: :)

  • Font of the videos are not always easy to read (font-wise on my 13' laptop screen). I think because of the 16:9 format?
  • Labs could be a tad longer and more challenging. Most of the time it's just repeating what's in the course. Some small extra step or question showing that you understand the theory might be 'learnful'.
  • Exam: I felt some questions were redundant (or perhaps there is some psychology behind this :))


Thanks for making such a fun, accessible and informative course. Not having any prior sec/pentest knowledge I feel like I really learned a lot (even for a junior course). I'd definitely recommend this course.







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