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[ELS-TUT] Malware Analysis

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New Videos in the youtube channel. Malware Analysis tools and Techniques. This is in 2 parts due to the length.

Part 1:

Part 2

During this two part video you will see some of the tools that are used to monitor and interact with malware.

By monitoring malware and interacting with it in the ways that the software is expecting, you can see how the behaviours may change and this will give you a further understanding of how it works and allow you to check for strange behaviours on your own systems, that have perhaps not been noticed by your Anti Virus.

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Another great job by matugm!

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Actually Robert and Matugm joined efforts and will provide us with voiceover-ed cool videos!

(Yes the voiceover is by Robert Ray )

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Great tutorial, just took the time to watch this one.

Will there be a part 3 on reverse engineering the Malware logs?

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Great tutorial good job :D

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+ 1 for a tutorial on reverse engineering the logs…… Good vid though and very interesting :)

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