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eLS - All Access Pass

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Hey Imaz,


the All-Access-Pass is a limited-time offer that is perfect for new students, that's true. It's not the best match for students that are already in the process of finishing up a few courses and exams. A lot of companies also jumped on board with it the last few weeks to get their IT Security staff, especially newcomers, trained properly.


For existing students we do usually offer a special way of getting into newly launched courses, but that of course only happens when a new training-course comes alive. Apart from that existing students mostly get preferred upgrade options when a new version of a course is launched. Check your members area in case you are enrolled into PTPv1 or PTPv2 ;)


The current Xmas offer holds a little secret as well by the way, the heavily discounted add-on options. Any Full Edition course can be added for just $599, Elite Edition for just $799. That mostly leads to lower fees for existing students compared to the All-Access-Pass. This is in addition to the Xmas discount to enroll in any new course.


By the way, we are always happy to get feedback from our students, it affects what we work on, new courses and also offerings. Many cool new things are planned already for 2015 ...


Thanks, Jens

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