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W00t, passed Gold

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After some struggling with lab connectivity and a metasploit issue I am pleased to tell you all I managed to get Gold as well. :D


It was a fun thing to do despite some metasploit frustration with dying sessions or not working post exploitation scripts. For example automatically enabling RDP or running some automated enumeration script would kill my meterpreter connection. I managed to find work-arounds for this but I specifically wanted to use metasploit as I usually do a great deal by hand and wanted to improve my metasploit knowledge. So it did not limit me too much but it is something you want to prepare for.


The DMZ disappointed me as I had played some CTF some time ago which I solved in the same way haha. Anyway anybody struggling with Linux exploitation should have a look at smashthestack.org They have an array of fun Linux exploitation challenges. 


What's next? Most likely OSCP and after that either eLearnSecurity's ARES or PWD. Oh and I have to do CISSP but cannot find the motivation for it hehe.


Some background info in case you want to know. 10 Years of work experience focused on:

- Sysadmin/Networking: Cisco, Windows, Linux, OS/400, Citrix

- Some basic RE skills on x86 and ARM

- ISO 27002 and ISO27001 implementation experience

- Limited scripting experience, some C++ / C# experience

- Read almost any book out there on hacking/security/infosec since 1998


Last of all, a big thanks to eLearnSecurity staff for the great support! Francesco, learn the difference between your buttons. My hair almost turned white ;)

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Congrats Herman. You'll have a good time in PWB. Obtaining Gold shows you've actually had to prove yourself. Your definitely ready for the course.

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