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Web Application Security module practice

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Good day


This is my first post in this forum as I have recently begun the course, so well met everybody!!! :)


I have started off with the WAS module but I have not purchased Colliseum Lab time, I have tried putting the techniques outlined in the WAS module to practice in the VM included in the exam files (ELSFOO) but no luck so far :(


Unfortunately as I cannot get a hold of a commercial copy of Pangolin & BSQL HackerI cannot test that effectively on the VM either, I also tried using them in the old Webgoat and Kioptrix stuff I already have but still no go.


Any ideas suggestions on how I can practice these techniques as I suppose they will be needed for the exam ?




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Anuj Sharma

You can run DVWA on a VM/backtrack and practice different vulnerabilites in a web application. You could also try Mutillidae, which is based on the OWASP Top 10.






There are many other such applications, but I would suggest you to start with the above.


PS: Welcome to the course !! :)

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Welcome to the course! As Anuj said there are plenty of broken web applications available on internet. You can try OWASP Broken Web Applications, this is a vmware virtual machine with a bunch of broken web applications : http://sourceforge.net/projects/owaspbwa/

The web application provided in the exam files is very interesting and has plenty of vulnerabilities.

Remember, SQL Injections are popular but there are plenty of other attack vectors. Regarding SQL Injections BSQL Hacker and Pangolin are nice tools but to me sqlmap remains the most comprehensive. Sqlmap supports plenty of sql injections methods (union, error based, blind, stacked queries, ...), besides sqlmap supports spidering options which allow to quicky check for sql injections points (--crawl). 
For instance, you can try for the following command line to test for potential sql injections points : 

sqlmap -u http://foophones.local/foophones/ --crawl 3 --level 5 (try to set up various values for the headers)

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I think that the advice given is excellent, as well as Sqlmap considered one of the best and intuitive tool to make SQLI, but I would like to tell you that there 's also the free project at https://hack.me/, which was created by the founders of elearnsecurity. In addition to DVWA there are also applications developed by other users, like you and 'the possibility' to upload their own Web applications to be tested.

x Excellent driving, othman.bouayad on the command line to test for potential sql injections points

Thanks you!

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