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Installing ADCA for encrypted emails

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Hello All


I am creating a lab with a CA to issue certs out to my clients for encrypting eamil in outlook.

I have windows server 2012 setup as my domain controller. I also installed Certificate Services on the DC. I installed two roles for CA Active Directory Certificate Services and Certification Authority Web Enrollment.


Then I created a self singed cert in IIs to enable https to browse and request a cert from https://localhost/certsrv/ and all is good when requesting from the local machine.


The issue I am running into is trying to get that website to work on my client machine to request a cert.


When I browse to https://192.168.1.X:443/certsrv/

I get a Http 400 bad request back from the server.

I do have port 443 open on firewall

IIs 8 is installed on the server.

The client machine is win 7 and on the same domain.


Anyone have a insight on working with CA and issuing certs out to outlook clients?





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