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Has anyone else out there finding that the eWPT labs are crashing, when using burp suite to capture requests in a kali linux vitual box VM? this is happening constantly to me, I have tried allocating more RAM to my Kali VM, and other tweaks, but the problem persists. This makes the Labs almost unable to run, and the VM freezes, its always when Burp suite is being used.

Would it be possible to run the labs through a macbook, i have tried to set this up a few times, using tunnelblick, and then adding nameserver, at the top of the list in my  /var/run/resolv.conf, which is the macOS equivalent of /etc/resolv.conf on Kali Linux. But i am unable to connect to the labs, i can get to, which shows the labs, and once i click on any Lab or challenge, like Lab 1, 2, 3 etc the server is unable to connect, recieving the message "Server Not Found". I have looked for guides online on how to connect to the labs via a Mac, But i haven't seen anything that has helped me work it out. 

Cheers for any help in advance :)

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