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Problem with browsing learning material (Information gathering)

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I have a problem with browsing learning material ( found in Information gathering chapter).

Module5>1.4 Infrastructures> DNS Enumeration (right before 1.4.2. Netblock IP's)

When clicking on paragraph DNS Enumeration courser locks and I am not able to click any other links.

Confirmed it on 2 PCs with Chrome, FF, IE.

Please see attached screenshot for details. It shows exact link when cursor lock get triggered.

The only work around is log off, log on and do not click this link.

Sorry if off topic, but could not find better place.

post-1253-019348200 1366128372_thumb.png

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Hi guys, the problem is not related to your PC/browser.

We have to edit the slide configuration. I'll fix it as soon as possible.

Thank you.

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